Not just a bar.

From the heart of the Steel City comes a revolution in your night out, a vacation for your senses. We give you Duality.

Room 2

It's not just another room in another bar. It can take you anywhere, using our state of the art projection technology we have turned the walls into a 360 degree screen. Be in New York one minute, Hong Kong the next or be immersed in unreal animation it's designed to take you from the mundane. From reality... To Duality.


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Room 2 (75 min at £15 pp)

+Booking comes with 1 complimentary drink per person.
The first of its kind bar experience with revolutionary immersive projection technology that can transport you anywhere, from New York to Hong Kong - the possibilities are endless. Your experience will last 75 min with one complementary drink of your choice included. Once your allotted time is up, you are free to enjoy our selection of premium cocktails at The Bar.

**If you wish to guarantee your stay at Duality after your experience in Room 2, it is advisable to also book a table at The Bar beforehand due to limited space availability.

The Bar(Free to book)

A contemporary design with a futuristic twist via our 3D shape shifting wall and friendly staff offering you bespoke cocktails and exquisite service.

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